Feeling anxious in this new ‘norm’

What is Anxiety

The physiology of anxiety makes you feel as though you are in fight or flight. Imagine you are sitting in a building and suddenly you hear a gunshot. That feeling is very similar to the feeling of anxiety. Obviously it has varying degrees and people who feel anxious do not feel as though they are dying all the time, but the heart racing, sweaty palms and nervous feeling is there.

Current day

Today I find myself really staring anxiety in the face… It feels like it is hitting me from all angles. I see it in the eyes of my children when we speak about all the work we have to do at home while they are still not allowed to return to school. The uncertainty of the entire situations. I hear it in my moms’ voice when she speaks about the patients she is nursing in the hospital. I speak to my clients who tell me about their children waking up at night and asking to sleep in their beds. Children who have been sleeping in their own rooms for years! They ask about regression in these little people and the reason we might be seeing this all of a sudden. I hear about big boys wanting to get skin-to-skin with their mommies. I see on WhatsApp groups how mommies are desperately trying to gain more information about this virus and the safety to send children back to school. I see people on edge, trying to navigate this new norm and feel it in myself. I am extremely sensitive to the slightest bit of criticism and feel attacked by a simple comment on social media.

Take a step back

This morning I decided to take a step back and look at what on earth is going on. Really pray about it and analyse the way I am feeling. This was my conclusion…

Looking at my own life, I see that I feel overwhelmed with being a mommy, a teacher, a wife, a daughter, a business owner, a partner in a brand new business, a friend, a colleague, an employer and a child of God. I feel an immense responsibility to do amazingly well at each of these “jobs” and over and above all of this, feel proud of the outcome and what I achieve.

Is this not completely crazy! Honestly… if I wanted to be a teacher, I would have studied to become one. I take my hat off to all of them. If I wanted to save a struggling business, I would have studied accounting. This is not normal… nothing about any of this is.

I find myself being irritable with the slightest thing and I don’t understand why. I am normally a very fun loving person. This is completely unlike me. But all of a sudden, I am overcome by a sort of ‘sorry’ for all the people who really do struggle with anxiety on a daily basis. How are they coping with all of this?!


So this is my conclusion… The devil is an opportunist. He strikes when you are already down.

The devil sees when you are going through a difficult time and then pulls you further and further away from your roots. He makes the difficult things stand out in BOLD and gets anxiety to take hold.

In these times we need to remember that fear is not from God. God is where we find peace and comfort and love and warmth and serenity. 

It is normal to feel overcome with anxiety given the circumstances, but in this very time, we need to be aware that other people will also be going through similar feelings. They might be going through these feelings at varying degrees and possibly at different times, but we will all be slightly more sensitive and therefore we need to all be slightly more careful.

Take control

We need to ask God to show us clearly what the plans are for our lives. We need to take control of our thoughts and actions. We have to stop the negative pattern of thinking and replace it with more positive views. We need to reach out to people who we know are struggling emotionally and offer a shoulder to cry on. We need to be mindful of what we say and how we say it. We have to show some more compassion. Now is the time to live through dire circumstances in order to say “We did it”. Even if we cannot see the outcome, it is time to believe that it will be good.

Lots of love and prayers.


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