After 3 weeks in lock-down, Jeanè had an overwhelming sense that she needed to do something special for her goddaughter.

She had no idea what this would be and this weighed heavy on her heart. One afternoon she was talking to Paige and out of the blue, the idea of writing and illustrating a book was as clear as day. The two of them started working very hard, but had no idea what they needed in order to actually publish a book. At this point they reached out to Janet.

With all her experience in communications, Janet was the perfect fit to this trio. She made the impossible more possible and knew which steps to follow in order to get the book print ready. Their ideas evolved and they started realizing that they had a lot to offer to children working through different difficulties. Although the first couple of books will focus on Covid-19, the idea is for later books to benefit children who might struggle with ‘different monsters’. Monsters like social anxiety, depression, ADHD, abusive parents etc.

The sale of these books will also benefit different NGO’s and foundations going forward, making a difference to the lives of children, is the main aim of this company.